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Israeli Food in America now also available in Spanish!

spanishcoverisraelifoodinamericaIsraeli Food in America now also available in Spanish!

All funds raised support Tarbuton programs.

English/Spanish Version

English/Hebrew Version

Jewish Food Festival – San Diego – 4/22/2012

Israeli Food in America will be at the Jewish Food Festival in San Diego today, 4/22.   Come check it out.  More info.

Editing Hebrew & English

Editing both in English and in Hebrew was a huge challenge!

Microsoft Word, flips Hebrew in crazy ways – you can’t tell why – but words just won’t stay where you want them to be.  (The left to right issue.)

Editing the translated recipes, we found we could not make changes easily especially in the lists of ingredients and measurements.

“1/2 cup oil” would flip to “cup oil 1/2 ” No amount of patience and or coaxing would flip them back.

We had to retype sections of the recipes backwards. Yes, backwords.  Then, when we cut and pasted the Hebrew into the draft of the book it came in perfectly.  NUTS!

One day someone will make working in Hebrew & English at the same time easy.  Until then, it was well worth it to offer the recipes in both languages.

We hope you’ll enjoy!